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In your opinion, should the US have accepted the Castro revolution and subsequent communist government as legitimate? Why or why not?

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It would have been difficult for the United States to have supported the Castro Revolution and the communist government that was established in Cuba. In order to understand why this was the case, it is necessary to understand what was happening in the world after World War II ended.

The United States and the Soviet Union were in a Cold War, a period of time of confrontation and competition between these two countries. The Soviet Union was trying to spread communism around the world. We were trying to prevent the spread of communism. We believed in the Domino Theory, which stated that if one country in a region became communist then other countries would also become communist. Thus, we opposed the spread of communism in Western Europe, in Asia, and in Southeast Asia. When Cuba became communist as a result of the Castro Revolution and with the growing friendship between Cuba and the Soviet Union, we were concerned communism might spread in the Americas. There was now a communist government just 90 miles from our country.

With our concerns about the spread of communism, we couldn’t possibly have supported the Castro Revolution and the communist government that followed. We had supported the Batista presidency to keep communism out of Cuba. Supporting Castro and his government would have been an acknowledgement that the Domino Theory was wrong, and the communism wasn’t necessarily an undesirable form of government. Given the time period, there was no way that support was going to occur.

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