What is your opinion on the legal and political Structure of the USA?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the previous calls for clarity in the question.  It just seems that things are a bit too open ended with the question.  I think that there is just too much ambiguity with such a broad field.  In speaking in the most general of terms, I would say that I have a fairly positive view of the legal and political structure present in the United States.  I say this because most of the world has replicated much of what we have done in their own construction of legal and political structures.  Representative democracy has become embedded in much of the world while the idea of legal equality built within the law has also become a hallmark of jurisprudence in different nations.  I think that the theoretical elements of fairness, sovereignty, and individual rights have made them elements to be replicated by others.  At the same time, I would say that there is a gap between theory and reality and this is something that must be addressed.  The idea of theoretical fairness and the difference within potential applications of legal and political reality is something that has to be bridged to a great extent.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Perhaps it would be good if you would restate your question and give us more of an idea as to what you are asking about.  Are you asking about the legal and political structure just in general (that would be a huge topic) or are you asking about some particular aspect?  If you can tell us a particular aspect that interests you, we would be able to give better answers.

Overall, I guess I would say that the legal and political structure of the US is generally fair but that it tends to favor those with money.  This is true in the political arena because those with money are able to pay for campaign ads and other necessities of election campaigns.  This gives them a big advantage in getting elected (if they run themselves) or in having influence over candidates (if they choose simply to donate money).  In the legal arena, those with money are able to hire good lawyers who can typically get better results for their clients than cheaper lawyers can.