Which indicators can be cited to show whether Macy's hase well-motivated leaders?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the major theories of motivation, the process of becoming motivated goes hand in hand with conditioning. This means that, in order to create momentum to the point of changing a behavior, there have to be a series of factors present.

The first factor is the motivator itself: whether it is money, success, fame, achievement, self-esteem, or any other need for belonging, or achieving, the fact remains that these simple elements constitute the basis for the accomplishment of major goals. Hence, the success of Macy's corporation must go hand in hand with the benefits that the company offers its leaders. Their achievements in keeping the company afloat even during a shaky economy, and without compromising their vision and mission as an organization, speaks volumes of the positive, symbiotic leadership/worker/client relationship that must exist in order to make this possible. 

Now, keep in mind that many of Macy's leadership positions may also be attained through time in service. If you explore the Macy's website and look into the job benefit packages available for interested or potential employees, you will find evidence of a strong corporate order in the offering of strong financial retirement and investment packages to all employees. This, combined with a good health and salary plan shows that the organization is precluding loyal employees that will remain working at the corporation because of job satisfaction. That alone covers a number of needs that are especially concerning in today's economy.

Moreover, Macy's job opportunities extend to over 30 different categories, ranging from creative jobs such as product display and store display to website upgrading, IT jobs, financial, legal, human resources, marketing, facility management, QA, and even event planning to name just a few.

Overall, a company that offers a plethora of opportunities to let people express their talents and their training certainly displays signs of success. If, in addition to the chance to invest time in a good practice, you have an additional opportunity to earn a nice number of benefits from it, there is no doubt that the chance to remain as a loyal employee of a corporation will double. Hence, wherever there are happy employees there should be happy customers that will benefit from the corporate symbiosis of providing and receiving quality services. Those are all signs of success.

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