in your opinion did the aboriginal groups or the french benefit most from contact with one another? who benefited least and explainBE SPECIFIC. plz answer by december 13 2011 thnk yu :D

Expert Answers
saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It’s hard to figure out who benefitted more from First Contact between the French and Native American tribes such as the Huron and Abenaki. The French benefitted in the sense that they found a skilled group of people who were willing to teach them the secrets of the fur trade in exchange for tools and other trade goods. Natives benefitted from this arrangement because they gained much needed and rare trade items in exchange for furs, which were abundant. They also gained a powerful ally in the French who helped them fight back against their traditional enemies, the Iroquois. French fur trappers lived with the tribes, learning their customs and language in exchange for fur trapping skills and access to native territory.

If you had to pick one, I guess you could say that the French benefitted more because although there weren’t many downsides to this relationship for them, French diseases and religion did have an adverse affect on Native Americans.

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