In your opinion, can fashion history really help in predicting trend cycles in the fashion industry?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't think that there is one particular marker that can be used to determine or predict trend cycles in the fashion industry.  It is an element where I think that individuals simply have to examine what is and be able to read and react to it.  That being said, I think that there is a role in fashion history being of use to help ascertain or even influence where trend cycles can go.  This line of logic subscribes to Peter Allen notion of "Everything Old is New Again."  For example, studying the fashion techniques and ideas of Coco Chanel can be helpful in sparking a resurgence in couture or being able to integrate aspects of couture in modern clothing.  Fashion designers of the past might not necessarily be able to effectively predict fashion trend cycles, but studying these individuals and examining what they contributed to the discourse could help individuals trigger new representations of these iconic designs.  It is important to understand why fashion greats were "great."  In this examination, a greater chance of being able to reintroduce such concepts to a new audience and thus influence trend cycles in fashion can emerge as a possibility.

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