At your local market you get two merchant trading stamps, valued at a tenth of a cent each, for each 10 cents you spend. How much must you spend to get enough stamps for an electric can opener priced at $14.98?

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You would have to spend more than it's worth, in my opinion.  Youl would end up having to spend $749.00 to get the trading stamps you need.  Here's how you figure this out.

First, you need to set up your equation.  You should set it up like this:

.2/10 = 1498/x

So what you're saying here is that .2 is to 10 (cents) as 1498 cents is to some amount.  This corresponds to the information in your question.

Now you just cross multiply and you get

.2x = 14980

Then you divide both sides by .2 and you have

x = 74900

Remember that this is in cents.  So you have to spend $749.00 to get the stamps you need.


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