Your international business development team is exploring ways to bundle two or more of your service offerings. Discuss how you would go about bundling and provide rationales for your choice. 

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given that no particular individual business is mentioned in the question, the assignment seems to permit you to make a free choice of business as well as of the specific services to be bundled.

Let us assume that your company is a telecommunications firm offering phones, cable television, and internet services trying to break into the emerging markets. In North America and Europe, these services normally would be sold as a bundle as well as individually. In emerging markets, however, a major obstacle to the expansion of wired internet and computer services is lack of reliable access to power. Since the wires that carry cable signals already carry electricity, it would make sense to adapt your existing technology to bundle a combination of power supply, digital content, internet access and tablets with ultra-low power consumption requirements into a single package. Such bundles could be sold not only to emerging middle class individuals, but to institutions such as schools, businesses, and hospitals that need reliable internet and possibly streamed video connections but which do not necessary have steady access to 4G mobile networks or reliable power supplies.