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Your government, in response to the WHO’s declaration of a global pandemic, COVID-19, took the decision to close all ports of entry into the island, close schools and fast food outlets, and allow only essential services, small businesses, and street vendors to remain open. Social distancing was introduced, and all persons venturing out have been advised to ensure they protect themselves and observe instructions given by the government, health officials, and the protective services. The Tanacos family live in Harpenstead, an agricultural and farming community comprised of just over 700 persons, many of whom have lived in the community all their lives, about an hour and forty-five minutes outside of the main capital city. Most of the families are of similar economic status, but there are identifiable differences in status with a few who have “government jobs” and those who plant the land. The matriarch of the Tanacos household, Ornella, sells produce in the central market, located just outside the city, on Thursdays and Saturdays. She started off going to market with her own mother as a child and continued the practice up to the present time, even though she is now seventy-three years old. She has one daughter, Sati, a thirty-five-year-old domestic worker, and four grandchildren, two boys and two girls—Sagram, who is seventeen, Boxer, who is twelve, and Kitta and Suzie, who are four and three years old. The father of Sati’s two older children migrated, while the younger ones receive visits from their father, who does not live in the village, at least twice per month. They all live with Ornella in her two-bedroom house, which is located on a shared compound with her sister Nana, age fifty-nine. Nana has two adult sons, Cassius (thirty-seven) and Felix (thirty-five), both of whom built adjoining rooms to the main house for their own families, which are comprised of Cassius’s common-law wife, Margaret, who works at the local grocery store, and ten-year-old daughter, and Felix’s wife, Shireen, who dropped out of university after becoming pregnant in her first year and now has two children, who are six and eight years old. Cassius helps his aunt in the garden and also cultivates his own small crop of marijuana, while Felix works as a security guard in the primary school, which his children and nephews attend. Sagram and Boxer are preparing for CXC and the Common Entrance examination for secondary school, and both boys are also very eager to accompany their grandmother to market on Saturdays, and they have missed school on a few Thursdays during the school term to help her. They are looking forward to an extended vacation now that they have to stay home because of the government’s decision to keep schools closed for an indefinite period. You are asked to work with the Tanacos family and members of the Harpenstead community to help them manage their home affairs during the period of isolation and coming to terms with new norms in their environment. a) Identify the real problem facing families like the Tanacos family, focusing on describing the case study situation, and identify the underlying issues. b) Address specific issues identified separately. c) Identify for whom the issue is a problem and why. d) Examine possible alternatives. e) Present and support a realistic implementation plan or recommendations based on research-based evidence and connected to theoretical concepts.

The Tanacos family members are facing several problems. Some, like Felix, are out of work, which means the family will have to ration resources. The children will also fall behind academically and should be provided with educational resources to use at home. Perhaps most pressing is the family’s inability to social distance in such close quarters. With some family members still coming and going from work, it is vital that they are provided with personal protective equipment.

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There are several issues facing the Tanaco family in this situation. I cannot do this assignment for you, but I can outline some of the major problems and underlying causes to help get you started.

One of the most significant concerns is the family’s inability to social distance. There are so many people living in that two-bedroom house. While they will be staying home most of the time now that only essential services are open, Ornella and Margaret both work essential jobs. This means they are both at risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to their family. This is an issue for everyone in the household, and the family should be educated about proper sanitation practices as well as provided with personal protective equipment.

The family is also facing economic strain. Felix is likely out of a job now that the schools are closed, and Ornella will likely see a decrease in customers in the central market. This will impact everyone in the household, as resources will have to be rationed, and the adults will likely sacrifice personal resources to provide for the children. The children will also likely fall behind in school, and the adults will have to worry about them keeping up with their studies. There are many possible ways to address these issues, but providing the children with educational resources and providing the adults with financial support or means of safe employment should be considered.

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