In your country is the life of a young woman today different from the lives of young women fifty years ago? give examples.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my country (the United States) the life of a young woman is so much more free than her life would have been 50 years ago.

Fifty years ago, my mother was just about to start college.  She went to a state university (not a private one).  On her campus, women were forbidden to wear pants.  Her dormitory had a "dorm mother" who was expected to do things like counseling the girls about which boys were or were not acceptable.  While in college, my mother was very sheltered and restricted.

Nowadays, young women in college have no such restrictions.  In fact, these two examples I have just given would be absolutely unthinkable at the school where my mother went to college.  That school is now modern -- women can do whatever they want, wear whatever they want.

This is just one example of how much life has changed for women in the past 50 years.

It is hard to give any references for the sort of examples I have given, but I have included a link to a few statistics about women's progress in the last 50 years.

sehreen | Student

I belong to Pakistan, an Asian country, where the life of a young women, fifty years ago, was very much different from the life of a young women living in my age/period. Although there are certain places in my country,where women is still living a pathetic life... but an overall analysis shows that the attitudes towards education, job opportunities and social status of women have been changed. I can offer you my example, I am a teacher by profession..... and the very first one who completed her master's level degree and got a government job. My grandmother was not allowed to go to the high school even.

We have lady Parliamentarians, lady Prime Minister ( Benazir Bhutto), the  last governer of Pakistan's State Bank was a lady, we also have lady doctors and other highly professional ladies today... but it is true that almost fifty years ago, the social, educational and working conditions were not suitable for ladies. they were not even allowed to take decisions of their own. They were not having  their identity. Although they were given the right to vote... but there was no political awareness among them.

For the above reasons, I can conclude that a young woman is having more bright possibilities today.