Young people can learn much from those older than themselves.  What are your views on this statement?

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I would agree with this statement completely.  The reason that I would agree completely, and not only partially, is that the statement says “can learn.”  It does not say “can always learn” or “will always learn.”  The statement implies that it is sometimes possible for the young to learn from older people, but that it is not always going to happen.

Clearly, younger people can learn from older people.  Older people have had much more life experience than younger people.  They have often learned from this experience and are therefore wiser than younger people.  For example, I had a very bad temper when I was younger.  I watched my father, who also had a bad temper towards my brothers and me, react very calmly in public situations where I thought he would get angry.  That helped to teach me that it is better for us to keep control of our tempers.

But the young will not always learn from the old.  When you are young, it is often hard to believe that you can make mistakes or that things can go badly for you.  This makes it harder to accept the lessons the older people have to teach.  In addition, older people are not always right by any stretch of the imagination.  That means that younger people cannot always rely on older people to steer them in the correct directions.

Thus, I do agree with this statement because I agree that it is sometimes possible for younger people to learn from older people.

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