You are wilson, on your way to kill Gatsby, what are your thought ?

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Wilson was a shy and withdrawn character. He was often looked down on and treated poorly by Tom and other's like him. Certainly, Gatsby would seem similar to Tom from Wilson's perspective. We know Wilson believed that Gatsby had killed his wife. I'm sure Wilson would have been thinking about Myrtle. He was probably thinking about the great loss he was feeling. Even though Myrtle and Wilson hadn't always gotten along, he still loved her. She was his wife and he would definitely have been grieving. He might have been wondering if it was Gatsby she was having an affair with. He might also have been wondering how Gatsby could have left her to die after hitting her with his car. I'm sure he was wondering why Gatsby did it. Most of his thoughts would likely have been bent towards revenge. He was probably thinking of all the reasons to kill Gatsby.

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