If you were to write an essay on what freedom of speech means to you, what would be your three main points?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I were to write such an essay, my main point would be that freedom of speech does not mean as much to me as it should.

My first point would be that many people all over the world do not have much, if any, freedom of speech.  I might mention China, which has improved greatly in many ways, but where people are still arrested (or worse) for criticizing the government.

My second point would be that we in the US (or I, at least) take freedom of speech for granted.  I would point out how little anyone's free speech has been curtailed in this country.  I might mention that there have been things like the Red Scare/McCarthy Era in the '50s but that such things have been rare and have really not touched that many people when they have happened.  Even in the worst of times, Americans have been free to criticize their government and to say almost whatever they want.  In the best of times, there are essentially no limits.

My final point would be my main point.  I would say that free speech should mean more to me.  I should appreciate it more because free speech is the basis of a free society.  I should appreciate it more because so many people do not have it rather than taking it for granted because it has been so prevalent in the United States.