According to the general business models, how can a company like Macy's fix any leadership problems?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the general guidelines of quality assurance in business, the company's leadership has the obligation to meet the standard of continuous self-improvement. This means re-visiting and re-evaluating whether the organization and all its parts are complying with the original vision of the group.

The easiest way to address any leadership issues is by citing quantitative data as analytical and focus-based documentation. If Macy's conducts periodical evaluations of its leadership teams then any anomaly or potential problem should have been documented at first sight. After a citation of deficiency is made, the company has the responsibility of either placing the leader on a development plan or to remove, demote, or re-train the leader. In a corporation like Macy's where speed, money, and quality must go hand in hand, there should be an immediate release of quantitative data showing how leadership performance affected sales and customer service.

That piece of evidence is all that is needed to immediately refer a leader to an improvement plan if the company actually has one in place. Re-training is not a bad thing; it is perhaps the deal breaker when a leader has a tendency to not change styles over time. Therefore, a company like Macy's is entirely dependent on data and sales as the primary indicators of whether the leadership is working or not.