If you were staging Julius Caesar, how would you convey that in Act IV scene 2 the setting has changed?  

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I guess a lot depends on the resources that are open to you in your imaginary theatre. Most amateur productions have a range of different backdrops that can be slotted into place to indicate a change of setting. If I were directing my version of this play, I would want a backdrop which clearly indicates the change in scene from Act IV scene 1, which we are told takes place in a Roman house, to Act IV scene 2, which we are told takes place in a Camp near Sardis. The backdrop for the camp would obviously have tents in the background, with maybe watchtowers and weapons and armour piled neatly in various locations to indicate the shift from urban Rome to a military camp that is ready for action and war. Clearly, you would have blue sky with a sun, or perhaps an overcast sky to indicate the battle and tragedy ahead that awaits Brutus and his side.

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