If you were a school social worker and you realized many children in the school couldn't afford supplies and you wanted the media to help and publicize your school supply drive what would you do? ...

If you were a school social worker and you realized many children in the school couldn't afford supplies and you wanted the media to help and publicize your school supply drive what would you do?  How would you promote your story to the media?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“When you have a compelling story that is actionable, and tell the right people – influence happens.”

The social worker who wants the media to disseminate the message of the need for school supplies for needy children in the community's school can use various methods to disseminate information:

  • Social media has reliable voices that are able to stimulate discussion of needs and action toward solving problems in the communities. Often this media is composed of caring people who will influence and motivate those on their networks. In fact, there is an online platform named CAUSE VOX which has many "influencers" who generate action among people whom the social worker does not know. The social worker could also create his/her own blog, using photos, texts, and even videos to advertise. Of course, the social worker can also create a Facebook page for the express purpose of the school supply drive, or Facebook ads and Facebook Events or LinkedInEvents. There is also such a thing as “the feed." Social media consultant Jaica Kinsman instructs,

...people may not visit your page every day, but they may see your news in their news feed. Getting people to like or comment on your Facebook content improves the chances that more people will see it in their feed, an algorithm referred to as “EdgeRank.”

  • Another way to generate contributions to the needy children is to hold fundraisers that can be advertised in the town's newspaper and on local radio and television stations, as well as on social media. Some examples of fundraisers that can be advertised through the local media are the following: 
  1. Silent Auctions
  2. Car washes. These are good because the students are involved and physically present, demonstrating their involvement and concern for other students.
  3. Holding sporting events for which the admission or entry fees are donated. These events also involve the students who have need or who care about the others who do.
  4. "Give It Up" days such as Friday night. People donate what they would spend on meals out, take-out meals, etc.
  5. Store promotions. For example, a large retailer such as Wal-Mart could have displays of lists of supplies for which people contribute in order to enable students to have these supplies.
  6. Organization involvement. Local charitable organizations could be solicited to contribute their efforts in fundraising. The advertisement of such organizations with photos in the newspapers or advertisements on the radio and TV and social media often incites community members to come to their aid.
  7. Volunteers can collect in front of stores; this, too, can be advertised with the permission of stores.
  8. Church communities can have fundraisers or give contributions, all of which can be advertised.
  9. United Way also has its own school supply drive in communities; this would certainly be covered in the media
rachellopez | Student

I believe the best way to get a message across is to use social media. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are used by so many people today and it would be very easy to get lots of people to see your thoughts. You could also use news websites to spread your message worldwide and get lots of help from fellow citizens. Holding local fundraisers and maybe asking for a popular organizations help would be a quick and easy way to raise money for your cause.

atyourservice | Student

I would use social media to get my point across. For example I run a blog, and I could write about the problem, and raise awareness. It being the internet, we never know how things will turn out, it might become viral and grab more attention from people. I would also try to go out in public and try to find a way to raise awareness of the problem going on.

parama9000 | Student

Through social media, or various skills of social media literacy, I will be able to reach out to more people of various backgrounds. Adverts, videos, blogs will all contribute in one way or another in spreading the message and raising funds.