If you were to put your English class on a deserted, tropical island, what would happen?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Now, since this question appears to be one designed for the student to answer, you must use your imaginative and analytical powers.  First of all, you may wish to design the island on which your class is going to land as one similar to that of Lord of the Flies, or you may wish to create one with some bamboo or other vegetation from which the survivors can catch fish.  (Entering fish as a food item mitigates the necessity of killing the pigs for protein, and may lessen the potential for savagery.) At any rate, you will need to first describe the island and its features.

Then, you will want to consider carefully the personalities of the class in which you have English.  If these people be [subjunctive mood of to be]on an island together without adult supervision, what will happen?  Would they be disciplined enough to self-rule?  Or will a strong leader have to emerge?  Is there one in your class?

Consider carefully the personality types of your English class.  Who is charismatic enough to be a leader?  Who will rebel against the new rules that will be set?  Who is sadistic enough to fie for leadership with the charismatic leader?  How will the students act without adult supervision?  Will they self-disciplined like Piggy and intuitive like Simon?  Will they recognize the beast?  Will they split into two groups?  Will they degenerate into what Jack and Roger do?

They are many considerations.

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