If you were the police chief of the city of Orlando, Florida what would your organizational chart look like?

gsenviro | Student

The organizational flow chart for the police department of the city of Orlando, Florida is attached for your reference. The current organizational structure may be somewhat different; the attachment presents the information that is few years old. 

The Chief of Police is served by 

  • Patrol service
  • administrative service
  • Special services
  • Professional standards

The Patrol division is further divided into East, West and North Patrol divisions and each has its own patrol watches. The division also has a training section.

The administrative service division is further sub-divided into Support Service, Communication, Recruiting, Technical Management Liaison, and Special Operations Division. 

The Special Services division is divided into Criminal Investigation, Drug Enforcement, community police and international airport divisions. The Criminal Investigation section has Youth Services, Violent Crime, Property, Tactical Operations and office administration sections. The Drug Enforcement section has Uniform Drug Enforcement and Undercover Drug Investigation sections.

Professional Standards division has Internal Affairs, Accreditation and Inspection, Fiscal Management and Strategic Planning sections.

Hope this helps.

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