If you were a peasant and you have just read a letter from Queen Marie Antoinette,What would your response be?   In the letter the Queen explains what she was doing while the peasants(you)...

If you were a peasant and you have just read a letter from Queen Marie Antoinette,What would your response be?   

In the letter the Queen explains what she was doing while the peasants(you) didn't had enough food to eat,and in the letter she was defending herself ,she was saying that she is not the only one that should be blame,she was saying that the wars made the country poor too.

In the letter you can tell the Queen your feelings about the revolution,whether you support it or not,and whether or not you think she deserve to die.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I were to read such a letter (or have it read to me, as the above answer suggests) my response would read something like this.

Well, Queen, I agree that it's probably not all your fault.  But first of all, did you ever try to do anything to make things better for all of us?

But more than that, Queen, even if it's not all your fault, it IS the fault of the whole system that we have where the first two estates dominate us and have so many privileges.  You're part of that system and maybe even the second most important part.

So, maybe you don't deserve to die any more than any other individual.  But I think the whole system deserves to die.  That's why I support the Revolution.  And for the whole system to die, I think a lot of the important people in that system have to die.

I'm a little bit sorry it has to be that way... probably about as sorry as you truly were for all our problems.

dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If Marie Antoinette wrote a letter to the peasantry that argued that the current monarchy was not responsible for the horrid conditions of the French peasantry, every peasant in France would have condemned her words.  Futhermore, it must not be forgotten that people who are hungry, people who witness their children hungry are capable of extraordinary acts of self preservation.  If I were of the peasant class in France 1789 I would warn our despotic Queen that good people who are hungry, and good people who have hungry children might be forced to use extreme measures against their King and Queen if their King and Queen refuse to see the effect that their abuses and corruptions have had on the people of France.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
First of all, as a peasant I cannot read or write. There's part of the problem. However, if someone read me the letter and I dictated my response, I would be angry. I would argue that as Queen it is her responsibility to take care of me. If she doesn't, she had better watch out.
ecalamia | Student

If I was a peasant, who had received a letter from my fashionable queen, my first step would probably be bringing the letter to some sort of cleric or scholar to have it read to me. Assuming that I was either in the lettered minority or could find a reader, and that Marie was honest, I would be outraged. I would reply that there was no excuse for such stupidity: Charlemagne fought his wars also, but he was a good king, not a self-indulgent child. A real aristocracy, one possessed of actual nobility, a true class of the best--as aristocrat means etymologically--would have been better able to husband resources for its people. Overall, i would state that the regime associated with the glamorous queen had lost all legitimacy and that she should be expecting us with flaming torches and pitchforks.

citycat | Student

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