If you were Mrs Jones from Thank You M'am by Langston Hughes, would you take Roger home? Explain.  

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The short story, Thank You M'am by Langston Hughes is a story that sparks emotion in most people who read it. Some people will discount Roger for a petty thief and others will see him as a needy child with no role models and therefore doomed to a life of avoiding the law and never amounting to anything due to circumstances. The reader may choose to involve himself in this story and commit to being like Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones or the reader may avoid the depth of meaning in the story and ignore his or her own part in the social ills of communities. The person who would not take Roger home may at least try to help him but, and as in many similar cases, he or she may also feel that Roger is someone else's responsibility so will choose to do nothing - except maybe taking Roger to the police station. It is not necessary to judge people who take this stand. It is just necessary to recognize the contribution of everyone towards the betterment of society in any way that seems appropriate.  

Those who would - in all honesty - take Roger home are those people who recognize their own contribution to and responsibility for society's problems. It takes self-awareness to take this seemingly small and even insignificant step realizing that the ongoing effects of an act of kindness and compassion can change more than the one life directly affected. Therefore, we should all take the time to assess our own motivations and circumstances in life; be grateful for the many opportunities and for those blessings that may go unnoticed and take a stand to make a small contribution to changing someone else's life.