If you were a law enforcement administrator what would you do to recruit women and minorities?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of things that I might do to try to increase recruitment of women and minorities if I were a law enforcement administrator.  The same policies or efforts would not necessarily work well for all of the groups we want to target.

One thing that we could do to try to recruit from some of these groups would be to stop emphasizing the violent and aggressive aspect of policing. When we advertise to recruits by portraying policing as something out of a first person shooter video game, we are probably making it harder to attract women to the job.  We might also be turning minorities off because people from minority communities are often on the receiving end of police violence.  We might, instead, try to show more of the aspect of policing that involves helping people and working with community members to try to keep communities safe.

A second thing to do would be to be smarter about where we advertise.  If we want to reach women and minorities we need to get our message directly to them.  We might need to advertise on TV shows or in magazines that appeal to particular groups.  We might, in the case of minorities, want to be sure to advertise in cities or colleges that have large minority populations.  This might make it easier for us to get our message to the people we are trying to attract.

Finally, to attract more women, we might want to try to make our profession more female-friendly.  We might want to give women the chance to work flexible schedules without losing the opportunity to advance.  We might want to provide and publicize programs to ensure that male police officers treat women officers with respect.  These might make the profession seem less hostile to women.