If you were to interview Lady Macbeth to find out about her personal life, what questions would you ask?

tisjay | Student

1. You mentioned that you had "given suck and know what it is to love the babe. . . ". This means that you have had at least one child. How many children do you have?

2 Macbeth says  "Bring forth male children only". What is the sex of your child (or children)?

3. When Macbeth meets the witches for a second time, they place a mirror in his hand, which shows that Banquo's children will succeed him; while in his hand they placed a "barren sceptre". What has happened to your child or children?

4. You seemed very strong at the beginning when Macbeth seemed to be falling apart. Later, towards the end of the play, you had completely fallen to pieces. What triggered this ? Did it take a while for the horror to sink in or did any specific incident trigger off your madness?

5. You must have known Lady Macduff and her children socially. What did you feel or think when you heard that Macbeth had murdered all of them?


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