If you were in Hamlet's mind would you as well feel neglected towards your mother in the manner that Hamlet felt?If you were in Hamlet's mind would you as well feel neglected towards your mother in...

If you were in Hamlet's mind would you as well feel neglected towards your mother in the manner that Hamlet felt?

If you were in Hamlet's mind would you as well feel neglected towards your mother in the manner that Hamlet felt?

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I think it's even more-Hamlet truly believes the relationship is incestuous. Gertrude and Claudius stay up late and party. Meanwhile, Hamlet is speaking with a ghost claiming to be his murdered father who wants remembrance and revenge. The other unsettling element is the time frame-King Hamlet has barely been buried and 'Mom' shares another's bed-that would be hard for anyone at any age! Would you not think there was something between Gertrude and Claudius prior to the murder?Hmmm.

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Hamlet's a grown man, but he is still his mother's child. Idon't think his feeling of betrayal comes from her having remarried so soon after his father's death. Hamlet feels betrayed because his mother has married the man Hamlet suspects killed his father. To a child, the parents are the most important people in the world. It is difficult to realize that your parents might not love each other as much as you love each of them. Hamlet believes his mother should have loved his father just as much as Hamlet loved  him. She should be outraged at Claudius, not married to him.

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I would feel betrayed, yes, but neglected, no.  Hamlet is a grown man; it would be different if he had been a child.  I believe that Hamlet has every right to feel entirely betrayed.  I would also be very angry, as well.  I would feel as though I could not trust her ever again in any capacity.  Her behavior, in my opinion, was entirely selfish.

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Hamlet has the right to feel betrayed, and even to feel angry.  He has come to suspect his mother's involvement in the plot to get rid of his father so Claudius can steal his birthright.  Neglect is a little much since he has been off to college and has been more than nurtured through his childhood and early adulthood. 

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Hmm. I think I would feel as Hamlet does towards his mother, but I don't think the primary emotion is a sense of neglect. Hamlet is a grown man and a prince. He's educated, and used to command; he will be king (when the play starts). Why feel neglected?

Now, betrayed, I think that I would feel, and in the same confusing intensity. Look at what he says in Act III, scene 4: " Mother, you have my father much offended." He directly tells his mother she's done wrong, and then spells it out:

"…almost as bad, good mother,
As kill a king and marry with his brother."

He's accusing his mother of essentially murder his father. That's not neglect—that's betrayal and anger.

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i think hamlet is a bit immature to be honest..but i would feel neglected and i guess i would be an angry teenager if i knew my uncle killed my father..but i feel that hamlet's mother does try to be in hamlet's life i think that hamlet has more on his mind and thinks he is being neglected

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His mother chose this for her life. He should feel neglected because now, she is the only one he has. Although, he is not sure if its worth having her if she is going to be crazy like how she has been. Therefore, Hamlet is taking the effort to try and help her make her better. Think about if your mother became crazy and abandoned you and your father...you would be just as upset and feel abandoned as Hamlet.

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Beyond that. If my mother was to ever act in the manner that she did whether she knew of the situation or not, I would enter a state which I cannot describe to any degree due to the fierocity and unstable feelings I would be experiencing.