If you were to do a broadcast, what would you say about what is really going on at Animal Farm compared to what Squealer is saying?

Expert Answers
clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Depending on what year and season it is in the story would really dictate the information broadcast. If I were broadcasting about production and I was an animal who really knew what was going on, I might report on the food shortages everywhere on the farm except the farm house. I might report that Napoleon has trained an army of ferocious dogs, which he stole form his mother, and who terrorize any dissidents. I would report that the commandments are changing to fit the purposes of the pigs and that they are becoming more and more human by the day. I would report that they are drinking heavily and that life might not have been so bad under the rule of Mr. Jones. I might even make a plea in my report for a group of humans to try to take over the farm and I could even leak the defensive secrets of the farm so that they could come in and take over the farm and make life the way it was before. Squealer is constantly trying to make the animals believe the opposite of what is actually going on. He says everything with such hypnotic conviction that the animals believe him, even when they are uncertain of the truth. I would blow the whole situation wide open for the world to see so that someone could help rescue the failing farm and suffering animals.