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Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

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If you were a boy in the story Lord Of the Flies, who would you choose as the chief, Ralph or Jack? Why?

I would choose Ralph as the leader because he is the one that has more to offer and more to learn. He is a nice guy but has a temper, he is mature enough to recognize this and work on it. Ralph needs Piggy's survival skills, but Piggy needs Ralph's charisma and leadership qualities. They can give each other what they need while they are on the island.

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Both Ralph and Jack have traits of a leader.

1. Jack is already head choir boy when he comes to the island, but he is bossy and controlling with his choir boys. His dislike for Piggy is intense from the begining. He becomes more violent but he does understand the...

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boys' need for food and rituals; he doesn't plan ahead or think out his his next move. He gives too much authority toRoger, causing the death of Piggy.  His trying to kill Ralph might have eventually led to them all being burned to death ... No I don't want to be a Jack.Too violent, aggressive, impulsive, irrational.

2.  Ralph is not only physically attractive, but he is charismatic, and athletic - what a boy should be like. Ralph seems to be a good leader, but it really is Piggy that tells Ralph what to do most of the time. It is Piggy that knows how to use the conch, how to create rules, etc. I feel very sorry for Ralph because he was just being his age.  What more can you ask from someone his age? 

Piggy would have made a better leader, but his weight, glasses, asthma and intelligence make him an outcast. Piggy is not an option. I choose Ralph; he represents the good in people. I would rather live with this belief in knowing right from wrong, and clinging to the idea that there is good in the world.  I must have something to believe in.  Hopefully if Ralph is the leader, he can still have back-up advisers such as Piggy.

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Great question. Ironically, Piggy was probably a better choice of chief than Jack, also. He was the most adult-like on the island, but really lacked the ability to collect followers. Much like our society, any physical or obvious defect can be detrimental towards becoming a leader (why was FDR always sitting behind a table or podium on TV??).

At any rate, asking a question like that to a group of educated people will provoke good response. Most educated people (and those thinking clearly) would choose Ralph as their leader...exactly what happened on the island. Unfortunately, the wild and whimsical masses didn't like what Ralph had to say or what he was trying to accomplish. It's easier to vote and follow someone who appears to be fun.

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