What civil service commision policies would you propose to reduce racial-ethnic strife in the united states?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In truth, there is very little any government agency can do to reduce racial or ethnic strife in the US.  Government policies that are meant to do so can actually make the problem worse at times.

For example, the most plausible thing I could do in this position would be to propose either A) an end to affirmative action preferences for minorities or B) strengthening those policies.  You could argue that either of these would be good for reducing strife.  If I ended them, whites would stop resenting minorities who supposedly get jobs they're not qualified for.  If I strengthened them, minorities might stop being angry about discrimination.

But would either of those actually help?  It seems that each would make one side happy but probably make the other side angrier.

So, as head of the commission, I would probably propose one or the other of those policies because that is all that is really within the scope of the Civil Service Commission.  But I doubt either one would actually work.