You weigh 177lb on Earth (4.448 N = 1 lb). When you reach Alderon, you discover that its gravity is 1.5 that of earth.What is your weight on Alderon? Answer in units of N.

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ophelious eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's a moot point.  You can't travel to Alderon because the it was the first practice target of the Death Star and was therefore "totally blown away" according to Han.  In addition, Princess Leia, a native of Alderon, gives us no indication that the gravity on the planet is any different than what it is on Earth.  Leia is short, but not as short as she probably would be on a planet with 1 1/2 times the gravity of Earth.  According to that, Alderonians would be a short, stocky people because of the pull of gravity.  Leia is on the short side, but definitely is not "stocky" (see gold bikini scene in ROTJ.)  Please inform your teacher that the question you have been asked is flawed in these ways.

neela | Student

177 lb of weight of man on earth = 177*4.448N=787.296N, as it is known that 1lb weigt = 4.448 Newton.

Therefore the mass of the man on the earth = (787.296/g)Kg, where g is the acceleration due to gravity on earth.

Therefore on Alderon , the weight of the man = mass* acceleration due to gravity on Alderon=

=(787.296*/g)kg * (g'), where g' is the acceleraton due to gravity on Alederon = 1.5times earth gravity =1.5g

Weight on Alderon=(787.296/g)kg * (1.5g)=1180.944 N

krishna-agrawala | Student

The weight on earth is 177 lbs

To convert weight in N we will have to divide weight in lb by 4.448

Therefore the weight on earth in N = 177/4.448

Gravity on Alderon is 1.5 times that on Earth. Therefore weight on Alderon will be 1.5 times that on Earth

Therefore weight on Alderon = (177/4.448)*1.5 = 59.69 N (approximately)