If you understood more about how adults learn, how would you use this information?

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There is a growth of understanding in the field of adult education and adult learning.  I tend to think that part of this rests in the realization that as the job setting and marketplace endures unprecedented change, there is a growing understanding that adults have to be "life long learners." In such a condition, adults have to be willing to embrace new skills and tools in order to be successful.  Adaptation is the critical element in such a setting and in a marketplace where so much is in flux.  The static conception of the past is being replaced with innovations and new technologies. 

It is here in which finding out how adults learn is critical.  I would use this information to generate professional development in as many areas as possible so adults who need to reorient themselves in order to be economically viable could find paths in which to do so.  In finding out how adults learn, new means of instruction could be developed in order to teach adults new skills, help them to adapt to changes in the job market, and to construct an arena where adults did not have to feel resistant to change.  In a job condition where so much is changing, the ability to learn new concepts and demonstrate proficiency in doing so is critical.  In gaining greater insight into how adults learn, I would use this so that adult preparedness and competitiveness in the job market would be possible.

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