You took a leave from your office without any prior notice when you were supposed to meet a deadline on that day, Write an email answering to your section head about this issue. (Give a full demo with any problem you want)

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Wow! If you suddenly left work without permission and ditched a deadline in the process, you'd better have a really good reason for doing so. Here are some emergencies which have happened during the work day to either me or people I have worked with:

  • Received a message that father was being taken in ambulance to hospital for apparent heart attack.
  • Received call that mother had been in an accident and was en route to hospital.
  • Received message that child had fallen seriously ill.
  • Received call that house was on fire.
  • Received message that car sitting in parking lot outside had been hit by a bus.
  • Received message that spouse had been in a car accident and was seriously injured.

Life is unpredictable, and I think most supervisors are understanding of the need to take care of the people who mean the most to us. That said, here are some tips to follow in your email:

  • Address the person with a formal title, such as Ms. Watson. This acknowledges the respect for your supervisor right away.
  • Apologize immediately. Convey your deepest and most sincere apologies for both leaving/missing work and for missing the deadline. Explain the gravity of the situation which caused you to do so.
  • Convey the steps you have already taken to remediate the loss of productivity. Hopefully you have already submitted accrued leave for the hours you missed. Convey that you are already working on the project—and hopefully it's nearly complete. Since it is now past due, hopefully you just have to put some final touches on the project. Give a timeline for when your supervisor might expect the project. (Two hours? Before lunch?)
  • End the email by again conveying your sincere apologies and thanking your supervisor in advance for her understanding.

Here are some additional tips for writing:

  • This is not the time for a lighthearted tone or jokes. You should remain serious.
  • Don't tell your supervisor what she should do. Ask. ("Perhaps we should..." or "Would it be possible...?)
  • Be sure your email is completely free of grammatical mistakes.
  • Remind your supervisor why the job is important to you and let her know that you appreciate her helpful guidance.
  • Ask if there is anything else you can or should do to help remediate the situation.
  • Be sure to close with something like "Sincerely," and type your full (first and last) name on the next line.

I hope this helps construct the ideas for your email. Good luck!

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