Do you think "The Slave's Dream" is an anti-slavery poem? Give reasons.

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"The Slave’s Dream" is an anti-slavery poem because it ends with the view that the slave is happier dead that enslaved. The poem portrays the grim nature of slavery by depicting the slave’s dream. The slave is shown sleeping near a rice field with a sickle in his hand. He has been enslaved and forced to work under the sweltering sun. He dreams that he is back in his native home. In his dream, he is free and enjoys all the perks of freedom. He also sees himself together with a loving family. However, his actual situation is far from what he sees in his dream. Slavery has stripped him off all that is good in life. He is a slave far away from home with no prospects of ever having a family or his freedom. In conclusion, the poem describes the harsh realities of slavery because the slave does not live to realize his dream.

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