Do you think Romeo and Juliet will get married?

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Judging by your question, you have evidently just begun Romeo and Juliet, and therefore your initiation into the wonderful world of Shakespeare.  I hope that it is a long and wonderful journey for you.  To answer your question, yes, Romeo and Juliet do get married in Act II, scene vi, putting into action a series of events that sets fate in motion for one of the most tragic love stories in literary history.  From the point of their marriage to their tragic end, Romeo and Juliet face meet obstacle after obstacle on their way to a happiness that was evidently not meant to be.  I hope you enjoy your first Shakespearian adventure.

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Are you asking whether they get married in the play? If so, see Act II, scene 6, where Friar Laurence marries them. See the summary linked below.

Or are you asking whether in real life Romeo and Juliet would get married? They are both very young, in most states too young to get married without parent permission, so it is unlikely that they could get married in reality. If their parents were smart, they'd let them see each other. They might find out that they are attracted to each other so much because a relationship is forbidden to them.

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