Do you think Romeo and Juliet are a good match for each other?

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teachersage eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a fascinating question. I am going to say they are not a good match for each other. This is because they are too alike. They are both impulsive, impatient, and far too attracted to the other. Each one falls madly in love during their very first meeting, and each one hardly takes a moment to think carefully about the implications of what they are doing. They know their love is a forbidden love, but they hardly care. Juliet is a little more thoughtful about the dangers they face than Romeo, but this thoughtfulness is not enough to stop her from the rash move of marrying Romeo almost as soon as she meets him. 

Despite the efforts of the friar and Juliet's nurse to tamp them down, both Romeo and Juliet are wildly impatient to get married. They cannot keep their hands off each other. If one of them had been more cautious and had put the brakes on the romance in order to give each of them time to think more clearly, they might not have both ended up dead. 

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