Do you think ''Maniac'' is an appropriate nickname for Jeffery?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Feel free to answer this question with your own opinion. If you think "Maniac" is a good nickname, then explain why. If you think it is a poor nickname, then explain why you think that.

I think it is an appropriate nickname in a couple of ways. I like the fact that it is alliterative. Jeffrey's last name is Magee. It starts with the letter "M." Maniac starts with the same letter, so the two words feel like they "fit" together. 

One dictionary definition of "maniac" is the following definition: "a person who behaves in a very wild way." A second dictionary definition is this one: "a person who is extremely enthusiastic about something." Using both of those definitions, I still feel that "Maniac" is an appropriate nickname. Maniac is passionate and enthusiastic about sports and running. He is passionate about helping people, too. The fact that he ran away from home could be considered wild as well.

But if I take a third definition of "maniac"—"someone who is violent and mentally ill"—then I do not think that the nickname is befitting Jeffrey. Jeffrey is neither of those things, so I believe that the nickname "Maniac" might misinform some people about what his true character is like. In that regard, I don't think it is a good nickname.