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Do you think business and management are part of the social sciences?

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Michael Koren eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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It is reasonable to say business and management are both social sciences. The definition of social sciences refers to the study of humans and their relationships. In both management and business, people and relationships are very important.

A large part of successful management includes dealing with other people. Managers must deal with their workers. There are issues that arise, and how they are resolved will affect productivity within the company. Managers must also deal with the owners of the business. If a manager wants to stay employed, it is critical to have a good relationship with the business owner. They also must constantly develop relationships with suppliers and others in their given industry. Social scientists can study many aspects of these relationships to help guide people in managerial positions.

Any given business must also constantly cultivate relationships. Businesses must maintain positive connections with their customers. Businesses must also be seen a positive contributor to the city in which they operate. Successful businesses usually work to develop good relationships with others. Social scientists can also study these business relationships to learn what helps make them successful.

It is fair to say that both business and management fall into the realm of the social sciences.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I would argue that these clearly are social sciences.  The reason for this is that social sciences are concerned with the relationships between people and between people and their society.  Business and management are clearly concerned with the relationships between people.

In these areas of study, scholars need to understand how individuals interact with one another.  In order to study management, for example, a scholar would need to study the ways in which different management styles impact the people who are being supervised.  The impact of the manager's actions on the managed is clearly an example of an issue that that has to do with the relationships between people.  Because business and management study issues like this, they can be considered social sciences.

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