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by Aristotle

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If you shoot an object from a canon at a 90 degree angle, and it travels 6 meters in 6.76 seconds, what is its velocity?  What is the formula used?

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An object is shot from a canon at a 90 degree angle; it travels 6 m in 6.76 seconds.

The object is being shot vertically upwards. The acceleration of the object due to the gravitational force of attraction is 9.8 m/s^2 in the vertically downwards direction. Let the initial velocity be V. Use the formula S = V*T + (1/2)*A*T^2 where S is the distance traveled, V is the initial velocity, A is the acceleration of the body and T is total time traveled.

Substituting the values in the problem:

6 = V*6.67 - (1/2)*9.8*6.67^2

=> V = (6 + 4.9*6.67^2)/6.67

=> V = 33.5825 m/s

The velocity at which the object is shot upwards is 33.5825 m/s

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