You're a reporter for the Paduan Enquirer, and have crashed the wedding of Katharina & Petruchio. What kind of scandalous events were in Act 3?

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In Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, there are several scandalous events that take place in Act III that might well make the newspaper in Padua.

It might appear scandalous that Bianca seems to accept Lucentio's intent to court Bianca, though he has not formally received the blessing of Bianca's father (though the audience knows that Bianca cannot marry before her sister Katharina).

As scene ii begins place, Petruchio arrives late to his own wedding, dressed like a homeless person, traveling on a broken down nag. Baptista and Tranio chastise Petruchio for his manner of dress and encourage him to change; he refuses.

During the marriage ceremony, Petruchio hits the priest, and kisses Katharina so loudly, that the sound echoes throughout the church. By comparison to Petruchio's roguish behavior, Katharina resembles a demure young woman, quite unlike the town's usual perception of her based upon her behavior.

After they are pronounced man and wife, Petruchio announces that he must leave Padua immediately; he will not even attend his own wedding feast. Katharina refuses to depart, defying her new husband. Petruchio rants on about a woman's duties to her husband, and announces that a woman is the chattel of the man of the house. He asserts that others may try to abscond with his new bride, so at sword point, he threatens all, grabs Katharina, and takes off—leaving his guests and family amazed.

Not the kind of behavior the townspeople expect of or appreciate from Petruchio, these things would probably have made the newspaper, some perhaps on the front page, with other pieces on the "society" page.

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