Romeo and Juliet Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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If you were Romeo or Juliet, would you do the same thing in the name of love?

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To answer this question, you must first remember that Romeo and Juliet were unaware of the complete truth. Juliet was under the impression that Romeo knew her plan to pretend to die, but Romeo actually never received her message. Romeo was therefore convinced that Juliet was actually dead. He was acting on the impression that the love of his life was gone forever. So the question is, if you were Romeo, would you commit suicide because your true love was dead? Or if you were Juliet, would you understand that Romeo killed himself because he thought you were dead? I believe that in Romeo's case, most people would not. They would mourn their love and perhaps never love again. However, in Juliet's position, there is the additional survivor's guilt and thought that your love had killed himself because of you, and for many people this would be enough to commit suicide.

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