You are a police planner and you have been asked to plan a futuristic police organization for 2050.  What would the future society look like compared to society of today? How would you structure this organization to fit the society of the future you  described?    What types of personnel would you hire?  What would be their education and training?  What would be their tasks? What type of equipment would you need? What major crime factors would you need to address?     

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In the US in 2050, I imagine that policing will not be all that much different from what it is today.

I think there will be a couple of differences.  First of all, I would think that even ordinary police officers (as opposed to detectives) will need to use a wider range of computer technology than they do today.  They will need to be trained for this.

I think the major difference in 2050 will be one that will not be technological -- it will be more social.  By that year, the population of the US will be much more diverse.  If your organization is in a racially diverse area, your officers are going to need to know how to deal with a loto of different kinds of people.  You will need to hire people who are able to do this and/or you will need to train them in dealing with people from the appropriate other cultures.

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