Please define each: a paragraph, topic sentence, supporting sentences, concluding sentences, unity,coherence, and essay definition

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lizbv eNotes educator| Certified Educator

paragraph - a series of sentences, ranging in number, focused on the development of a specific topic.

topic sentence - the sentence within a paragraph that presents the topic, or main idea, of that paragraph. That topic is usually in support of the thesis, or main argument, of the essay.

supporting sentence - these are the sentences within a paragraph that support the topic sentence (therefore, the main idea of that paragraph). These sentences could include examples, direct quotes, explanations, details, etc.

concluding sentence - a concluding sentence is usually the final sentence at the end of a paragraph which completes that paragraph. It often sums up or reaffirms the main idea of that paragraph.

unity - this literally means the coming together of different parts. This is an important element to achieve in a paragraph because it is important that every sentence work to achieve the same purpose, which is to develop the main idea.

coherence - this means consistency, or actual "unity" of ideas, within a written text. Achieving coherence means showing a connection within all the ideas presented in an essay, or within the examples and support in a paragraph.

essay - an essay is a short (often a five paragraph model) composition of ideas meant to explicate and develop a given topic and usually prove something on that topic (the argument).


samanthastilphen | Student

paragragh-a series of sentences or questions put together to make at least 5 or more fluent sentences, maybe even a short story.

Topic sentence-the main thing you are talking about just in a sentence structure

supporting sentence- support and elaboration basically,just more detail under your topic sentence.


essay-short story basically including alomost all of the things listed above..usually 5 to 6 paragrahs depending on assignment and size..

Hope thats helpful!