If you plant fruit seeds how long does it take to produce the fruit?

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This depends a great deal, of course, on the kind of tree you're planting, where you live, and other such variables.

Because raising a tree from a seed takes fairly long, people often buy young trees from nurseries to cut down on the wait time.

Some examples of how long it would take if you did grow a tree or plant from a seed:

  • Apple trees are supposed to take three to four years before they give their first fruit.
  • Apricots can bear fruit as soon as one year after planting.
  • At least some varieties of strawberry can bear fruit the same year they are planted.
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The seed develops from the ovule only after few changes.The two integuments develop into two seed coats of which the outer one is called the testa and the inner one the tegmen.The development of the embryo is associated with a series of changes in the wall of the overy,and often in other parts of the flower connected with fruit formation.These changes result in the development of the fruit from the overy.Hence,the fruit is regarded as a mature or ripened overy.A fruit consists of two parts.The overy wall develops into the pericarp and the ovules develop into seeds.
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Time taken from the time of planting a seed of a fruit and bearing of fruits by the plant or tree bearing fruits varies greatly from fruit to fruit. In general trees bearing fruits take longer to mature and bear fruits as compared to plants bearing fruit. For example, a mango tree takes many years to mature, while a banana plant matures and bears fruits in less than a year.

In general, trees that are grown from seeds take longer to mature, as compared to trees that are grown from cuttings taken from existing trees, or by grafting.

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