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You placed equal number of dark and light varieties of feeder crickets into a terrarium containing a species of lizards. After two days you notice that the dark variety of the crickets was less common than the light variety. What process is taking place on a small scale within the terrarium? Design an experiment in which you would try to determine if color or taste is the primary factor responsible for the selective feeding of the lizards. CONTROL GROUP IS NEEDED!

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It appears that natural selection is going on.  For one reason or another, the lizards are eating the dark crickets more than the light crickets, thus the genetic tendency towards lighter colors is gaining dominance over darker colors. 

To test if this is a function of taste or camouflage, you need 4 terrariums.  Terrarium A is your control group: it contains no lizards, only crickets 50-50 light and dark so that you also account for the...

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