you now know which casket contains the portrait of portia. from what you have learned about Bassanio, do you think he will choose correctly? why or why not?

sajjad1476 | Student

I think he will chose the right casket because he into taking risks. He has no concrete ideas and he that type of man who are risktakers and daredevils

muddy-mettled | Student

The editors of the RSC edition(2007,20010) note that "Venice, sixteenth-century Europe's preeminent city of commercial exchange and conspicuous consumption, has taught him that credit allows a man to display himself above his means.........He chooses the lead casket because he knows from his own example that 'outward shows' may be least themselves and that the world is easily deceived 'with ornament.'" We have also seen that Bassanio and Portia may have in "secret"(Act 1, scene 1) communicated more than we are shown before he goes to Belmont.

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