You are Mr Thomas sitting in the outhouse. Write your thoughts.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I feel that one of the critical elements in composing thoughts as Mr. Thomas is the idea that he really does see the world in the traditional manner of how things used to be.  The setting of the story reflects a hollowed out world of England.  The destruction in the physical setting also is emblematic of a destruction of the old ways and the traditions that used to structure the way in which individuals interacted with one another.  Mr. Thomas has not been able to effectively make the shift that the world around him has.  If I were in his position, I think that some level of rumination about this paradigm shift and how it is evident in the world around me would be a part of my thinking.  I think that this would enter my thoughts as I have become trapped by the literal result of this shift.  I don't know whether it is in his character to rise up and take up physical arms against the boys, as this would go against his fundamental notion of honor.  I think that my thoughts as Mr. Thomas would focus on how this change is part of the world and where it came from.  Part of my thinking as Mr. Thomas would be on such a configuration of change and what my place in this new world would be.

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