Discuss the idea that As You Like It may be called a romance incarnate.

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As You Like It could be said to be a "romance incarnate" because it explores very many facets of romance. There is the unrequited love of Corin for Phebe, in which Phebe doesn't appreciate Corin or his devotion at all. There is the misdirected love of Phebe for "Ganymede" based on external appearances, because there certainly is no personal knowledge about Ganymede's qualities. There is the unlikely love between Touchstone and Audrey, which Jaques predicts will fail in a couple of months.

There is the desperate love of Orland for Rosalind that him drives to strange behaviors of excess like nailing love poems to the Arden forest trees (which sets up Orlando's character trait that later allows him to be convinced to "woo" Ganymede). There is love at first sight between Oliver and Aliena/Celia. There is Rosalind's steadfast and true--and playful--love for Orland. There is Duke Frederick's new found love of God, which leads him to a religious monastic life.