As you like it-Orlando Character analysis(IN 250 WORDS). Answer must be of high vocabulary.

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Orlando, in the play 'As You Like It' by William Shakespeare is brother to Oliver -(their father, Sir Roland is dead.) He doesn't like depending on Oliver for everything because he thinks his brother treats him unfairly,especially because he doesn't get him schooled.This makes Orlando feel like an accessory in the household rather than a real person with an identity and a role - rather like a pet, but not even as nice as that.He can't really complain about his diet or health as Oliver provides his keep, but it only seems to be the bare minimum - no extras like social education or learning.However, a bit like Cinderella, Orlando's natural attributes and noble birth shine through. He even excels in sport, beating opponents in wrestling even wth no training.So... he wins the fair Rosalind, who is impressed! So impressed she gives him her necklace.

You will want to 'flesh out' this description of Orlando , perhaps with a quote and making mention of other important relationships, such as the way in which his goodness comes out in his treatment of Adam.

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