In "As You Like It," explain the difficulties Orlando faces due to Oliver in Acts One and Two. "As you like it" by William Shakespeare

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act I, Orlando tells about how he has been cruelly raised by his elder brother Oliver following their father's death. In addition, Oliver, who loathes Orlando, conspires with Duke Frederick's champion wrestler Charles to break Orlando's neck when Orlando goes up against Charles at an upcoming wrestling match. The tide is turned when Orlando defeats Charles and comes away victorious and without a broken neck. Orlando's victory infuriates both Oliver and Duke Frederick, which establishes the trouble to come in Act II.

In Act II Orlando learns that the furious and hateful Oliver is planning to burn Orlando's dwelling place while Orlando sleeps. Adam suggests they flee rather than stay and be murdered in their sleep. Orlando agrees, accepts Adam's gift of money, and they flea to Arden Forest.

Meanwhile, the Duke has discovered that Rosalind and Cecilia have also fled, for unrelated reasons, and he suspects that Orlando is accompanying them (which he is not) because Rosalind gave Orlando a victory prize when he defeated Charles. The Duke sets Oliver on the trail of runaways to find Orlando and bring him back to face the Duke's fury resulting from Charles' defeat at the hands of Orland, the son of the Duke's sworn enemy.

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