You have three boxes of matches=box a=p matches,box b =p matchesand box c=y matches. write a..                                                 expression to show total number of matches in box a and b.How many matcches are there together in box a,b and c?Write answer in simple form.

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To find the expressions, we have to look at the given information. For boxes A and B, we have p matches in each and y matches in box C.
First we need to find the number of matches in boxes A and B. let's assign x as the matches in boxes A and B. therefore x = p + p which can be simplified to x = 2p< Now we need to find the number of matches in all three boxes, which we'll define as n. there are two ways we can set up an expression. First, we'll look at it in terms of p and y(number of matches in box c).
n = p + p + y
n = 2p + y
Or since we know that x = 2p, we can also write the expression as n = x + y
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