Do you have the summary of Chapter 3 in the Shakespeare Stealer

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In Chapter 3, Widge is traveling with the stranger who has just purchased him from Dr. Bright.

As they travel, Widge tries to guess his new master's background. Judging from his clothes and gruff appearance, Widge concludes that the stranger is not a Londoner.

During the journey through the forests of Berwick, the stranger rides on his horse. As for Widge, he must try to keep up the pace on foot. Twice, Widge hopes that his new master will stop for a rest. However, they travel through the night. Widge is exhausted by the time daylight arrives.

Eventually, Widge strikes his poorly-shod foot upon a sharp rock. He sustains an injury and is unable to continue walking. Reluctantly, the stranger hoists Widge up onto his horse. Although grateful, Widge does not dare voice his thanks. The two ride on in silence until they chance...

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