You have to make a choice about which of two colleges to attend. You can't really explain it, but you feel strongly that you want to choose one over the other. What part of your brain is at work? a) the radical brain b) the sensory brain c) the rational brain d) the emotional brain

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Though the brain isn't really divided into sectors dedicated to emotion, sensory perception, radical action, and rational thought, we can describe the brain's myriad functions in abstractions such as these. For this question, the emotional brain is most likely in control.

If we categorize different processes of the brain as sensory, radical, rational, and emotional, we should also consider what these terms mean. What is the motivation or functions of these different types? Hopefully by breaking these down, it will become clear why the emotional brain is in charge in considering the two colleges.

  • Sensory- The "sensory brain" describes our processes of detecting and interpreting sensory stimulus. This includes hearing, sight, sound, taste, touch, and our ability to move through space. If I had a strong preference for one college over another based on its sensory aspects, I might be able...

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