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Do you have chapter summary of the book, By the Great Horn Spoon!

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By the Great Horn Spoon! is a humorous tale of travel by a twelve-year old boy named Jack Flagg and his butler, Praiseworthy. It takes them from Boston to the gold fields of California in 1849. Along the way, they meet with a variety of setbacks that have the power to disrupt their main purpose in getting rich to help with family finances. But each time, something unique happens to turn their luck around. The phrase “By the great horn spoon” is an exclamation used in this time period, similar to “Wow!” or “Gosh!”

1 – “The Stowaways.” Jack and Praiseworthy have stowed away on the Lady Wilma to sail from Boston to the gold fields near San Francisco, California. Before they can board, however, they lose their ship fare to a thief. They introduce themselves to Captain Joshua Swain, who seems more concerned with beating another ship, the Sea Raven, in a race around the continents. The two work off their fare by shoveling coal into the furnace.

2 – “How to Catch a Thief.”...

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