Do you have any ideas for catchy newspaper titles for The Crucible? I'm thinking of writing about the scene in act 1 where John and Abigail or about the scene in act 2 where John acknowledges his lechery.

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What a great question! There are numerous scenes within the text which would make for a great news story.

The opening scene where Parris is praying over Betty would make a great story with the following headline.

Dancing Daughter of the Local Minister Unresponsive

The same scene could also have another headline-worthy story:

Don't You Want Me, Baby: Teenager Questions Loyalty of Older Man

Another scene is where Elizabeth and John are discussing the weather and his infidelity.

Is It Winter in Here Yet: Groundhog Sees His Shadow

Other headlines that could come from act 2 are as follows.

60-Year-Old Woman Pregnant: Courts Offer Her a Stay

Bye, Felicia: Local Woman Hexes Girl After Refusal of Bread

The court scenes have numerous...

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